About the project

The PhD Project “GIS-Participatory approach for an integrated management of extreme events” is developed by the researcher Mrs. Priscila Barros Ramalho Alves with supervision by Professors Slobodan Djordjevic and Akbar Javadi.


The project is funded by CAPES (Coordination of Improvement of Higher Level Personnel) and is an activity of the Centre for Water Systems (CWS) at Exeter. The Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG) is collaborating with the research, with the Professors Iana Alexandra Alves Rufino and Carlos de Oliveira Galvão.

One of the key aspects of this PhD research is the participatory approach coupled with spatial analysis to guide decisions for flood and drought mitigation in semi-arid regions. The thesis discusses main aspects of floods and drought hazards, appropriate modelling of hydrologic extremes, most vulnerable persons and strategies for damage mitigation.

The participatory approach will receive the collaboration of different stakeholders, such as specialists, authorities and citizens. The collaborative approach will be mainly through data sharing, data analysis, and participation in workshops, questionnaires and interviews.

We believe that your participation is essential for planning to be done and applied in society!


Planejeee - A spatial and participatory proposal for the integration of floods and droughts in the planning and reduction of impacts in society.

Email: pr327@exeter.ac.uk / planejeee@gmail.com

Instagram: @planejeee

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